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Multifunctional Water Sprayer

Multifunctional Water Sprayer

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Quick overview

✓ Multiple Spray Modes
✓ Built-in soap dispenser
✓ Durable and Reliable


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Product description - Multifunctional Water Sprayer for Car Care

Looking for the ultimate water sprayer to wash and care for your car? Meet our Multifunctional Water Sprayer, the perfect tool for car owners who strive for a thorough cleaning and a shiny result.


  • Multiple Spray Modes:Our Water Sprayer is designed with different spray modes to meet all your needs. Whether you want a gentle mist for rinsing or a powerful jet for removing dirt, this sprayer can do it all.
  • Built-in Soap Dispenser:The unique feature of this sprayer is the built-in soap dispenser. Simply add your favorite car shampoo to the dispenser and you can easily soap up your car while you spray. This saves time and effort.
  • Ergonomic Design:The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, even during longer cleaning sessions. You can easily adjust the water pressure with the handy adjustment knob.
  • Durable and Reliable:Our Water Sprayer is made of high quality materials to ensure durability. It resists wear and tear and remains reliable even with regular use.


  • Brand:JMProducts

How to use

  1. Product preparation:
    Fill the reservoir of the sprayer with the desired amount of snow foam or soap. Make sure the product is well mixed and ready to use.
  2. Adjusting the soap mix:
    Use the dial on the top of the sprayer to adjust the soap mix. Turn to the desired setting: from little soap to a lot of soap. You will hear clicks when turning, allowing you to accurately determine the setting.
  3. Choose the desired function:
    Select the correct spray function for the job. The sprayer can be adjusted for soaping or rinsing. Turn the adjustable head to the desired position.
  4. Start spraying:
    Aim the nozzle at the surface of the car.
    For soaping, use the soap setting and spread evenly over the surface.
    To rinse, switch to the water setting and rinse the surface thoroughly.
  5. Repeat if necessary:
    If necessary, repeat the steps for a more thorough cleaning.

  • Please note the directions for proper dilution and use the product according to the recommended instructions.
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didier vdp

Je viens de laver ma voiture avec et je dois dire qu'il est très léger et très maniable et d'une grande qualité , je le recommande vivement .