Gtechniq Basic Maintenance Kit

Gtechniq Basic Maintenance Kit

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The Gtechniq Basic Maintenance Kit is a complete set for maintaining and protecting the paint and tires of your car. This kit contains high-quality products from Gtechniq that have been specially formulated to keep your car's exterior in top condition.


  • 250 ml GWash : A high-quality car shampoo that safely removes dirt and contaminants without affecting the protective coating of the paint.
  • 250 ml Quick Detailer : A spray-on, wipe-off detailing spray that provides a quick refresh of the paint and extra shine between washes.
  • 250 ml T2 Tire Dressing: A high-quality tire dressing that gives tires a long-lasting shine and protects against UV rays and discoloration.
  • 1 x MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel: A soft and absorbent microfibre drying towel that safely and effectively absorbs water after washing your car.
  • 2 x MF1 ZeroR Scratch Buff Cloth: Soft microfibre cloths for buffing out Quick Detailer and applying tire dressing.
  • 1 x Gtechniq Branded Kit Bag: A handy storage bag to keep all your products safe and organized.


  • High Quality Formulas:Each product in this kit is formulated with high-quality ingredients for optimal performance and durability.
  • Easy in use:The products are designed for easy use and provide professional results without you having to be an expert.
  • Long Lasting Protection:The products provide long-lasting protection for your car's paint and tires, keeping them looking like new for longer.
  • Safe and Effective:Gtechniq products are safe to use on all types of paint and tires, without causing damage.



How to use

  1. Wash the car thoroughly with GWash and rinse with water.
  2. Apply Quick Detailer to a clean, dry surface using an MF1 ZeroR Scratch Buff Cloth and buff out.
  3. Apply T2 Tire Dressing to clean and dry tires using an MF1 ZeroR Scratch Buff Cloth and allow to dry.
  4. Use the MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel to remove excess water from the car after washing.
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