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Innovacar Tire dressing SC5

Innovacar Tire dressing SC5

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Quick overview

✓ Long Lasting Shine
✓ Nourishes and Protects
✓ Water-repellent

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Innovacar Tire Dressing SC5 is a high-quality formula that has been specially developed to nourish, protect and give car tires a deep shine. The advanced composition provides a durable finish that provides long-lasting protection against UV rays and prevents discoloration of the tires.


    • Long Lasting Shine:Gives a long-lasting shine to car tires, making them look polished and well-groomed.
    • Nourishes and Protects:Nourishes the rubber of the tires and protects them against aging and cracks caused by UV rays.
    • Water repellent:Helps reduce water repellency on tires, keeping them cleaner for longer.
    • Easy in use:Thanks to the handy spray bottle, the tire dressing is easy to apply. Spray evenly on clean, dry tires for optimal shine.



    How to use

    1. Make sure the tires are clean and dry before applying the dressing.
    2. Shake the bottle well before use.
    3. Spray the dressing evenly onto the tires.
    4. Spread the dressing evenly with aapplicatoror a clean cloth.
    5. Allow the dressing to dry completely before riding.

    Hazard information

    • H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
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