Nieuw bij JMProducts: Ontdek de Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant!

New at JMProducts: Discover the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant!

At JMProducts we are always looking for the latest and most innovative products to help our customers maintain their vehicles. That's why we're excited to introduce our newest product: the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant! This glass coating provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle's windows and provides a crystal clear, water-repellent finish.

Why choose the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant?

The Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant is specially designed to protect the windows of your vehicle against dirt, water, insects and other contaminants. The advanced formula penetrates deep into the glass surface and creates a durable barrier that lasts up to 6 months. With this glass coating, your windows stay clean and clear for longer, which ensures better visibility and improved safety while driving.

How does it work?

Applying the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant is simple and quick. Using the included applicator, apply the coating evenly to the clean and dry windows of your vehicle. Allow the coating to dry for a few minutes and then buff away any excess product with a clean microfiber cloth. The result? Crystal clear windows protected from the elements.

Where to buy?

You can now find the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant on our website. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide your vehicle's windows with long-lasting protection and a glossy finish.

Discover the Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant at JMProducts and give your vehicle the protection it deserves!

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