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Air freshener Bordeaux Grape

Air freshener Bordeaux Grape

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Experience the lush scent of our Bordeaux Grape Car Air Freshener. This refined and fruity scent transports you to sun-drenched vineyards, while the air freshener neutralizes unpleasant odors in your car. Enjoy an invigorating and elegant driving experience with this wonderful grape scent.

How to use

How to use our air freshener:

  1. Remove the plastic lid.
  2. Open the can.
  3. Replace the plastic lid.
  4. Use the slider on the lid to adjust how strong you want the scent.
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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Theys
Lovely smell

I like the smell. Its a mix of sweet and sour. The scent stays around 60 days, never had a car perfume that held his scent for this long